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alexandria's Journal

Somewhere in Antigua
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I am not who you think I am.
aberrant plane, acronyms, afspc, air force contractors, appearances, bildungsroman, book reports, bulleted lists, central coast, cheap chocolate, cinema, civil service, coming of age movies, coy, crayola bold colors, creative problem solving, dan chaon, danger, deja vu, disappearing, discovery health channel, disillusionment in literature, dos passos, drama, dreams, dry humor, easy laughter, edward estlin, english degrees, expensive coffee, f. scott fitzgerald, ferlinghetti, film, fouo, gaiman, gossip, grammar bending, harry potter, hippie schools, history, horror, humboldt state, hunches, incarnations of david bowie, information ferret, j. alfred prufrock, jay gatsby, jeff fahey, jim dodge, jing bu kenpo, joshua tree, karma, kate bush, kayaking, kismet, kung fu, letters, liberal arts degrees, lovecraft, lovesongs, lust, mad river, mainstream kerouac, making illegal nouns, mild anglophilia, monster threat, my own house, nonsense, obscure small words, official mail management, old running shoes, on my own, pop culture, protagonist victim, readers anonymous, retreating, scary movies, sci-fi, shitty html text codes, shitty paperbacks, smile lines, some hemingway, space communication, space oddity, spicy, spontaniety, sugar-free red bull, sunflower sutra, surfing, teen makeover movies, the lost coast, the ocean, thomas stearns, times three, tobasco, tomson highway, tori, trend-spotting, u2, unavailable men, une generation perdue, unforgettable fire, usaf, van duzer, vandenberg, verbatim, voyeurism, walking into walls, western mass, western range, wit, witty dialogue, words