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Interests Meme - Somewhere in Antigua [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Interests Meme [Mar. 14th, 2006|10:59 am]
Somewhere in Antigua
gakked from ntang

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bloodsport 3:
    I love this movie. It started when I was working retail. A couple of guys and I, after the 11:00pm shift, would go to one of our places and watch shitty SHITTY action movies. BS3 was probably the worst because of the strange time warp copy of a copy narrative thingy. But! There is monkey style kung fu! And a fighter with a grotesquely large package!
  2. damien rice:
    Kristin introduced me to this singer. Sure, he's gotten pretty popular by selling some of his songs to some of the more angsty hollywood flicks, but I am down with "Volcano." I have no problem listening to it on repeat. It just does it for me.
  3. dvd weekends:
    Jeff and I would have these. It's probably the laziest sport in the world. You pick one room, a stack full of DVDs, and then YOU DON'T LEAVE. A DVD must always be playing, even if it's just in the background. Ordering take-out is a must.
  4. gaiman:
    Yeah, I'm one of those. Though, I actually got to see Gaiman read "Coraline" in a cathedral in Berkely. It was one of the best trips ever, complete with midnight driving, the otter candle that broke my back, and wacky fistfulls of taffy. For as hard as that time in my life was, this trip is wonderful to remember. I will always link Neil to it.
  5. jay gatsby:
    I have a "thing" with The Great Gatsby. I've probably read it about twelve times. I could go on forever on the things that get me, but it'd probably be pretty boring. Jay Gatsby is a wonderfully tragic hero from a wonderfully tragic time. He's got everything: roughness, smoothness, vulnerability... Blah, I just wrote this like four times and I sound like a moron. Anyway: Jay Gatsby = awesome.
  6. lovecraft:
    I also have a thing for horror, and who does horror better than the master? Seriously, I never appreciated evil hell beasts dripping ichor until I got down with H.P. I love how he calls upon "ancient evils" and I love how the word "eldritch" gets play, even though it's not a word so much. I also have a "Hell-o Cthulhu" t-shirt. Again, I sound like a moron.
  7. old running shoes:
    I have a pair of tatty nikes from way back when. Running is a hard thing for me, as I'm more of a scurrier than a jogger. These shoes got me over my bad self, and I adore them. I don't think Nike makes these anymore, and when they finally give up the ghost, I shall cry.
  8. skinny artsy boys:
    I'm a weirdo. I play into that whole stereotype of guys with horn rimmed glasses and big ass cameras. Talk to me about T.S. Eliot. Regale me with your slightly effeminate love of angsty music. Maybe this is why I somehow gather gay boys. I should look into that.
  9. tobasco:
    On Everything. Give me spicy or give me... uh... bland--but hopefully spicy! Tabasco on rice, clam chowder, chicken--anything. It's cheap and full of rad. Also, I'm totally immune to its effects, and can pretty much guzzle a bottle on a dare. Not that I've tried.
  10. walking into walls:
    This was, apparently, my favorite activity as a child. Sadly enough, this activity continues today to a lesser degree. I'm the clumsiest thing ever, and no matter how big a doorway is, or how far the corner of a table may be, I will seek it out with my elbow. Painfully. Ow. Stupid clumsiness.

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[User Picture]From: obsideon
2006-03-14 07:17 pm (UTC)
"Regale me with your slightly effeminate love of angsty music. Maybe this is why I somehow gather gay boys."

I thought it was because you are a gay boy trapped in a Kristin body....


Loff you muchly,

P.S. Did you call me?
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