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[Sep. 2nd, 2005|10:50 am]
Somewhere in Antigua
this is copy pasted from a friend of a friend!


"the red cross (RC), much to my surpise, has put out a call for volunteers. they will train you for two days and then ship you off to the gulf coast to operate shelters, rebuild roads, dig latrines, etc. you have to go for a minimum commitment of nine days, max three weeks.

i HIGHLY ENCOURAGE all of you to sign up. the red cross has money ($71 million as of a few hrs go) and yes, they are a bureaucratic, wasteful, high-overhead group. but those kinds of groups (salvation army, second harvest, oxfam, CARE, etc.), the ones with fleets of trucks, generators, planes, pilots, drivers, warehouses full of water and medicine, etc. are the most effective at times like these, not cool organic gardens, co-op's, etc. they need young, strong people who are willing to sweat and work, and if any of you have ever talked about making the world a better place, a disaster this close to us gives you a great opportunity.

RC will pay all of your expenses. if you have the will and a boss as cool as mine that thinks this is worthwhile, then call up your LOCAL red cross chapter (go to yahoo local and type in red cross, the national number is overwhelmed) and get on the list. the bay area is full for a few days at least, but it will open up next week.

deployments will be anytime between five minutes after training ends until xmas.

to reiterate, it is HIGHLY UNUSUAL for groups to call for volunteers in these kinds of situations, and because they are calling means that the demand far outstrips what they can provide. i won't give you the emotional heart strings reason as to why you should volunteer, you have the internet for that. but i think all of us who are able-bodied and dont mind being dirty for a while ought to do what we can."

I'm signed up through the Humboldt chapter, and my training begins on Monday. I will not know when or if I'm going to the Gulf Coast until our chapter is called and notified. If you're in the Humboldt area, and you wish to do the same, either contact me for details, or call the Humboldt office at (707) 443-4521